For years we have been setting up the most innovative museums, giving maximum space to reconstructions, teaching and digital technologies, in a continuous dialogue with the institutions and designers. Community libraries represent our new challenge.


Archeology is our core business. For sixteen years we have been supporting protection and research with our activities. Our team of archaeologists and OS 25 specialists operates daily at the service of Institutions and Companies, as required by current legislation.

Information Technology

The in-house design and implementation of IT systems for museums and teaching are the spearhead of our company. From augmented reality captions to orbital scanners for ancient books, we translate every idea into reality.

Management and Teaching

We believe in didactics for our extraordinary museums. We have dedicated a new business unit to the management of museum spaces with particular attention to guided visits and workshops and educational itineraries.


The restoration of monuments and finds from excavations is one of our priorities. From metal to stone materials, we guarantee customized interventions and long-lasting results.

Cultural Events

Our cultural places deserve the maximum evidence and attention. Making them more and more known, making them alive with high quality cultural and artistic contents is one of our first objectives.


The traditional press still has a lot to say. We create and print valuable books with a careful eye on new graphic forms and maximum readability, constantly comparing ourselves with the customers from layouts creation to drafts correction.


The power of images is of great help in developing cultural content. Thanks to new technologies, our videomakers make multilingual documentaries with great educational effectiveness.